A Day Worth Celebrating!

Chocoholics everywhere, rejoice! Today is OUR day, a day to celebrate that which we crave and love – chocolate. Yes, today is International Chocolate Day, a day of celebration for chocolate lovers everywhere.

Most of us chocolate connoisseurs will take chocolate however we can get it, whether it’s in liquid or solid form.  Some prefer milk, others dark. I prefer to get a little crazy with my chocolate sometime and treat myself to a chocolate chili bar. Not meat chili, obviously, but red chillies. It gives a nice bite to the sweet. And yes, I have eaten chocolate-covered insects. It was a dare, and there was chocolate involved. You understand.

Chocolate has come a long way since the Mayans used it as a ceremonial drink (thankfully), and it is now a billion dollar industry. We drink it and eat it, and pastry chefs everywhere make art with it. It can be sweet, bitter, or sublimely in the middle.

White chocolate is not chocolate. Just wanted to interject that.

Surprisingly enough, we Americans (who are known as the Great Consumers) are not the largest consumers of chocolate. We’re not even in the top 10! Switzerland has the top spot (go figure) with Austria and Ireland behind Switzerland.

Across the country there are festivals at all times of the year celebrating that which we consume with glee. I’m planning on attending one in Miami next January. What do you do to celebrate chocolate?

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