National Video Game Day…Let’s Celebrate!

My house is a house of gamers. My husband, son, and I all play. They are into the more epic games like God of War, Assasins Creed, Darksiders etc, but I’m a fast game player that needs no commitment, like Sonic, SSX Tricky, or the Lego games. Oh and Little Big Planet. I love that game.

We try to play video games together as a family (I admit, I get frustrated because the guys always do better than me) so that it’s something besides the dinner table to bond over, and because it’s a shared commonality. Otherwise we veg in front of the TV and that’s that for the night.

A lot of people have serious issues with the amount of time spent playing video games, but I look at it as family fun night. When I was a kid, we played board games on family fun night, or charades. Now, we play video games. I am a child of the video game generation, so it’s what I know.  Well, I also know Life and Monopoly, but unless it’s electronic, my son barely gives it a second glance.

The Gamer Movement, as I call it, has become so mainstream that it is no longer anathema. The geek and nerd culture has been embraced, and now people are proud to be called Gamers, Geeks, and Nerds. People fight over what console is better like football fans fight over their teams. Playstation 3 or Xbox? Wii or Kinect? DDS over PSP? This is serious stuff!

And now we have National Video Game day. How great is this? A day where a whole generation’s quirky trait is celebrated, and we don’t have to feel guilty sitting in front of our TV’s playing games all day long. Ladies and gentleman, please pick up your controllers! How will you spend National Video Game day?

What's your opinion?

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