Brand loyalty

I was going through some products on our website for a presentation…okay, I was shopping for cleaning supplies. I admit it. I was running out at home, and figured I’d just restock my supplies from here (see what I did there?) and ship them straight to the house. I was picking out my favorites – the all purpose cleaners, the window cleaners, etc and had them in my cart. Then I remembered that I needed paper towels, toilet paper, and facial tissue. We have a party planned for Labor Day, so I definitely didn’t want to run out! So I went back, and searched for Bounty first. Found what I wanted and put it in my cart. Then I searched for Charmin, found what I wanted and put it in my cart. THEN I went back and searched for Puffs (the only tissue my husband will use) and…well, you get the picture.

After I put all the items in the cart, I realized something. All of my favorite brands are all from the same manufacturer: Proctor and Gamble. There was not one thing in my cart that WASN’T from them. WOW! I never gave it much thought, really. I typically don’t stick to one manufacturer on anything, consciously anyway. I’m fickle, I’ll cop to it- I flutter around products like a butterfly. I don’t have loyalty to one car brand, I don’t shop at only one grocery store, I don’t even have a smartphone brand that I’m partial to (I’ve owned Androids and iPhones and I can’t say I prefer one over the other), but apparently, I LOVE P&G products!

What's your opinion?

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