Ah, BOGO. We’re all familiar with it. We know what it stands for, we know where to find it, and we know what it means – usually a madhouse at the store offering it. Crowds, fights, shoes flying everywhere…it’s a sad mess! And it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is either. BOGO at any time is a free for all. Then there is the little matter of how BOGO has evolved over the years as well. When you saw the BOGO and KNEW that it meant something exciting.

Historically, BOGO was always a buy one get one free or a buy one get one fifty percent off. Back then, BOGO was REALLY exciting, but the insane amount of advertising that surrounds us today really whips us into a frenzy of shopping ecstasy. I know people who will go shopping at a store they’ve never even been to, as long as its running a BOGO promotion.  To me, that’s like clipping coupons for items you never buy, just to save a few cents. And now, BOGO doesn’t always mean what it used to.

I saw an ad for one of my favorite stores one day, and all it said was “BOGO!”, so naturally I thought I was either getting something free or for fifty percent off (of equal or lesser value. Don’t forget that part). So I jump in the car, toodle on down to the store and walk in, expecting to be bragging about my spoils to my friends later that afternoon…only to find out it was buy one item, get a pair of socks for 25% off (equal or lesser value). What was that? I was robbed!! What a waste of time for me! Needless to say, although BOGO’s are still very exciting, don’t forget to pay attention to the fine print, so you don’t let yourself down. Happy shopping!

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