The last packet standing..

A co-worker and I were talking the other day, and she idly wondered why some restaurants use condiment packets, and other’s use those squeeze bottles (we get bored sometimes). Is it cost efficient? Is it cost control? Is it the ratio of diners to packets thrown away? Or do the squeeze bottles grow legs and walk out the door? I don’t think we’ll ever have the answer to this weighty question, but it got me thinking about other differences as well.

In this economy, every cent spent needs to be accounted for. Squeeze bottles can cost as little as .85 cents per bottle, but they DO get lost and stolen (I’ve seen it happen). They have to be filled up multiple times a day, from a big ol’ can of condiment that can cost almost $10 per can! Packets, on the other hand, can be as low as .01 cent a piece, depending on the brand you buy. Some, like Taco Bells sauce packets, can deliver a laugh while you’re using them. I think the choice to have the squeeze bottles is more sentimental and esthetic than cost effective.

We are huge coffee drinkers here at Restockit. We used to have a Keurig that was hooked into a waterline, but…we blew the coffee budget. People were drinking four or five cups a day, and that’s a lot of Keurig pods! So now we’ve switched to ground coffee, and we have about seven or eight different kinds, and we switch them up. We always have non-flavored and flavored pots available, and an assortment of sweetener’s and creamers, and we’re saving more money that way.  Honestly, I could go on about ways to save money, but that’s a blog for another day!

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