School Supplies! Get ’em while they’re hot!

For most of the country, kids start back to school on Monday (except in certain parts of Oklahoma-they start Friday. Weird) and parents everywhere are rushing to get last minute supplies and fight for what’s left of the dwindling supply. Department stores are a madhouse right now, with binders flying everywhere and pretty composition books being bought by the dozen. We wade through the sea of humanity, dreading the holiday shopping season because if back to school is like this, then that time of year will certainly be insane. When we were kids, school supply shopping was fun! Not this maddening crush of Bedlam that sucks our accounts dry.

When I was in school, things were so much simpler. We had pencils, pens, notebook paper, and notebooks, and some form of book bag. Accessories, if we got them, were pencil cases, scissors, and Trapper Keepers (for those of you that read this blog regularly, yes, I have an obsession with Trapper Keepers). Most often, in those days, the classroom supplied crayons, colored pencils, art supplies, etc so we didn’t have to worry about that. Then middle school came and we had to add calculators to our list. Maybe a ruler. Nothing like the insanity of school supplies we have to purchase now!

With high school came the “suggestion” of a personal computer. We had computer labs at school, but of course all the cool kids had computers at home (Texas Instruments TI-99’s, Macintosh, or Commodore 64’s) and we all wanted to be the cool kid. We had to be part of the BBS system (that’s Bulletin Board System for those younger than 33) and to play Oregon Trail or Zork. Ah, the good old days. I admit, the stuff kids have now are so much cooler than what we had, but our stuff was just…simple. Elegant. And I miss it sometimes!

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