Picnics, BBQ’s, gatherings… the last hurrah of summer!

Invitations are sent out (via letter, email, text, Twitter, or Facebook), food is purchased, adult and not-so-adult beverages are bought, music playlists are created, and the grill is primed and ready. It’s the last big party of the summer, and you are prepared. Or not.

The doubts creep in…is the pool clean? Did we spray for ants? Did we clean up after the last party (very important question!)? All in all though, this should be a great party.

We usually go on vacation right before summer ends, and typically we rent a condo or a cabin, depending on where we go. We always have a get together a day or two before we leave, because we usually vacation near family and friends. And those family and friends live by major tourist areas, so it’s an exercise in precise planning to make sure we can get everything we need without fists flying at the local Wal-Mart Supercenter.

Things can get dangerous if two people are lunging for the last pack of hamburger meat or the last three decent tomatoes. When people are stocking up on paper plates, cups, citronella, accessories and everything else that goes along with a party, things get serious!

Here’s a question to ponder. Why is it, when we know the holiday is coming up, do we wait until the LAST MINUTE to go to the store to buy what we knew two weeks ago that we needed? We’re getting close to Labor Day, I should conceivably be picking things up here and there for our BBQ that we’re having but have I? Nope.

Buns can be purchased and frozen, meat ditto, drinks bought, chips bought (with very strict instructions to the house denizens NOT to touch), etc, but I haven’t done any of that. Gee…I never realized what a procrastinator I was!

Whatever the case may be, enjoy the party, lift a drink in a heartfelt toast, don’t get too drenched by all the watery cannonballs being executed, and eat way too much!

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