Working 9-5

My husband and I had a movie weekend, where we just watched the cheesiest movies ever-horror and comedy alike. So since movies are on my mind this morning, I figured I would do a short blog about…office movies! And not drama’s either. No Wall Street, no Disclosure, nothing heavy, I want light and hilarious! The next five movies are my top five favorites of life in the office. Enjoy!


Not EXACLTY an office movie, but…he IS at work, after all. Hilarious who-dunnit with Simon Peg and Nick Frost, who brought us one of my other all-time favorite movies- Shaun of the Dead!


Ah, a young Micheal J Fox, fresh off the success of Family Ties, Back to the Future and many other notable films. He is an icon of my teens, and I will always love him!


Iconic. Cult Classic – one of the most hilarious movies ever to satirize office life. And to immortalize the Swingline red stapler. Oh, and to blatantly portray gratuitous violence against a fax machine. AND it introduced “flair” to the general public, those of us who didn’t work at a TGI Fridays’ or Peaches record store in the 80’s and early 90’s.


Brilliant! I will watch this movie every time its on TV, even if its the edited-for-content version. Who doesn’t dream of making it big AND getting the guy (or girl)? The little taste of revenge and raiding of the bosses closet also makes this a one-of-a-kind movie. Kudos to Mike Nichols!

And for my number one pick….

Sure it’s older (almost as old as I am), and none of the stars are really still making movies, but…its a laugh a minute! It has bad bosses, snoopy personal assistants, attempted murder, body theft, kidnapping, and frankly, a hilarious sequence of substance-induced fantasies involving the many ways to take revenge on dastardly, and creepily sleazy, Dabney Coleman, who plays those parts REALLY well. Its just a truly hilarious comedy that everyone should watch at least once.

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