It’s Retro!

In honor of kids everywhere headed back to school, or just starting school this year, I wanted to do a retrospective of one of the cheeriest items in a school supply kit- the lunch box.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Trapper-Keeper, but my lunch box not only could express my individuality (which wasn’t necessarily a GOOD thing in 1980) but also hold all the deliciousness that my mom could stuff into it. And I never knew what she was going to pack in there, but I never feared that it wouldn’t be scrumptious.

School lunch boxes were also a way to bond. You know you had something in common without having to speak first, a test-the-waters exploration of friendship, if you will. If they had a Yoda lunch box, you know you would get along because you had a Luke Skywalker lunch box.  Now, I was not a girly-girl growing up. I had two older brothers, and a father that liked to bring me to his construction sites, so my lunch boxes always trended to Science Fiction, superheroes, or cartoons.  Again, back in 1980, this did NOT make me popular, but hey, I knew what I liked.

Now, there are some really cool lunch boxes, ones that are soft-sided and have scroll-ey, flowery things on them for the girls, and ones with multiple compartments with their own Gladware…I confess I like them for me as well, because they are just so much fun! I don’t mind eating leftover’s so much when I have my pretty little lunch box.

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  1. kleeyaro says:

    Not that I’m a big Barbie fan now (except for my Star Trek Barbies), but I had a soft Barbie lunch box in kindergarten. Love the Jaws one!!

  2. The Jaws was my favorite! Next to Empire Strikes Back, that is 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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