Do I really have to start my collection over??

Okay, so I may be a day or two behind…er, okay, maybe a few years behind, but when Blu-ray came out, I refused to update my movie collection- AGAIN. I had just gotten every movie I had ever wanted in my collection and then BAM! here comes a different format. I was sad. Because I knew I would not buy another movie unless it was on Blu-ray, and I didn’t want to cave and buy a player. It’s not a money thing, it’s the principle. Never mind that they were promises great things to come for Blu-ray…

The tide started to change when we got our PlayStation 3 system. It had Blu-ray integrated. So I bought Pirates of the Caribbean on Blu-ray, and had family fun night. Whoa what a difference! Amazing color, awesome extra’s, and the picture was so crisp I thought the images were going to leap out from the screen. So I bought another movie. Then another. You have to understand though. We take our movies very seriously in our house. My husband and I are walking movie trivia buffs, and we speak in movie lines. Our son is following in our footsteps and can recall any actor or actress that he’s seen in a movie or show even if it was a bit part. Maybe it’s not healthy, but I promise we do actually leave the house and see sunshine occasionally.

At this point, I still hadn’t purchased a stand-alone Blu-ray player. Our movie collection grew, and we started to replace older movies as they came out on Blu-ray. My husband started to protest that his gaming system was now a movie system. And then I signed up for Netflix streaming. And found out that you can get a Blu-ray player that streams Netflix. That was all she wrote, folks. We are now the proud new owners of an LG Blu-ray player, and we live the movies, not just watch them.

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