The good ol’ days…recess!

I was on the phone the other day with a teacher, and she was asking about one of our products that we carry.

She was getting her classroom ready for the coming year, and needed some supplies from us. So we were talking and laughing about being in school during the late 70’s and through the 80’s, and what our favorite time was. Hint: it was not 7th grade. We loved elementary school recess. Oh wow, all the fun games that kids nowadays would probably think were lame, but that we just had so much fun with! Who doesn’t remember being beaned in the back by a dodge ball? Or being beaned in the head by a tether ball? Oh. Wait, that was probably just me. Well, injuries aside, I loved other things as well, like the parachute game, and Red Rover, jumping rope and bean bag tosses…not too fond of the three-legged race, though. That was a bummer. Come to think of it, maybe I liked 8th grade better.  I was more athletic then and less likely to be injured by a flying bean bag

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