Organization – and what happens when it gets out of control

I’m an organizer. I have to have everything around me perfectly organized-for me. The thing is, I have every organizer known to man, and yet I still am not organized. I may LOOK organized, but I’m not. That may just be OCD, but I think my desk is messy. I’m looking for that ONE organizer that will hold everything! Binders, pads of paper, pens, pencils (that I don’t use), my cell phone…you get the picture. I’m beginning to think it’s a myth. I could organize myself to death if Mastercard would let me. Organizing can be a great thing, but there is a dark seedy side to organizing that can get out of hand.

Back in another life, I had a big home office that I worked from, and it included a craft area as well. I was REALLY big into scrapbooking at the time, so I needed to house all this stuff that was needed to scrapbook. I had shelves built, and a custom work table that ran along one whole wall. It was a bit…ambitious. Needless to say, I overestimated how much space I actually needed, and was left with a bunch of empty space. Well…nature abhors a vacuum, or so I’m told, and I do too apparently.

I purchased more stuff! I bought paper sorters for all of my cardstock, and had drawers full of stickers and stamps and scissors, and die cuts…I had so many spare albums that they had their own shelf! I even kept scraps so I could recycle them. For the environment. I swear. It got to the point that my friends would come shopping at my house, completely bypassing Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. My boxes had inventory lists, I kid you not. Then I began to wonder, as I bought more organizing bins, shelves, and drawers, was I buying them to fit all my stuff, or was I buying stuff to fill my organizers? Chicken, egg, whatever but I learned a valuable lesson from that really awesome office/craft room…I belonged on Hoarders.

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