Colorful little paper…the Post-Its of our lives.

We’re all familiar with Post-its. The little pieces of colorful paper that helps to keep track of our lives. We use them for shopping lists, meeting reminders, inspirational phrases…anything, really. My refrigerator at home is decorated with them, and so is the floor surrounding my refrigerator when they flutter off and hit the ground. My desk easily has 5 or 6 pads sitting on it. It makes it look like an explosion in a Post-it factory! Everyone in the house knows to grab a pad and write a note on it, though.

They are the perfect little note multi-taskers. Toss them in your purse, your briefcase, your backpack and you have a handy little sidekick that holds your information. I back up my phone calendar with them, because if Siri fails to remind me (which she has done in the past, that slacker) then I have my handwritten buddy to let me know that I have to get dog food. Here at the office, we have a few people who decorate with Post-its, with so many of them hanging from their monitors and phone stands that it looks like a messy rainbow. I have to admit, my OCD makes me want to at least organize them by color.

A friend of mine writes inspirational phrases on them and has created a frame around her bathroom mirror, so that every day she gets a boost to her ego. This works for some, not for others, but I think it’s a neat idea. She’s an artist so they’re arranged in such a way that its aesthetically pleasing (wish my fridge looked like that). At my house, it’s nearly impossible to get anything organized and stay that way. Lined Post-Its are my workhorse of choice, but then there are the cute little decorative ones that make me smile 🙂

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