When I was a kid, I loved Warner Brother’s Merrie Melodies cartoons. I wasn’t so much into Disney as I was Warner Brothers. Nickelodeon wasn’t even a concept back then, so all we had was Saturday morning cartoons, and I only waited around long enough for Warner Brothers to come on. There was nothing like the misplaced hubris of Foghorn Leghorn, or the grumpy arrogance of Daffy Duck. Bugs Bunny was so clever in such a subtle way that I wanted to emulate him. And who could forget good ole Elmer Fudd, the clueless hunter who could never catch a break? The “What’s Opera, Doc” episode is iconic, and has topped numerous Top Ten lists in the entertainment world. Honestly though, between you and me, my favorite is, and always will be, Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner.

I always felt bad for Wile E. It ingrained in me from an early age to root for the underdog, even if he was a homicidal coyote with access to cash and an Acme catalog. The Roadrunner was just so much smarter than he was, but he tried so hard…I guess it taught us kids perseverance too, come to think of it. The thing is, who was this Acme Company? Well, they were obviously fictional, because who would ship out explosives to someone who signed their check with a paw print? However, that being said, there really is a company called Acme United who supplies all manner of items, including safety products. They don’t sell weapons of mass destruction though.

The real Acme can supply you with a host of products, from scissors to Tylenol, from Sharps containers to weird automotive supplies that only my mechanic would know what to do with. You probably own some Acme United products and not even know it. Makes you feel a little like Wile E., doesn’t it? Just don’t try to drop an anvil from a balloon onto that annoying bird outside your bedroom window. Something tells me it wouldn’t work…

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