An Ode to the Perfect Drink Receptacle: Red Solo Cup

As a recent song and video have shown us, the iconic red Solo cup is our choice for our drinks. Whether it be at an office party, or our back yard barbeque, the red Solo cup has gone the distance to prove its worthy status as a primary beverage repository.

Though it IS available in other colors, the red color is the most popular, and the one this author always uses. And let’s face it, it’s just really handy. It can be written on, it has a textured grip, it doesn’t break very easily, and frankly they just look awesome:

A classic red Solo cup is hefty, it has weight, and can easily survive a whole night of beer or soda refills!

We use them as impromptu water guns. No, you can’t fashion them into a gun (they aren’t THAT amazing), but using them to scoop water into and then tossing on your target works fabulously!

I once had one Solo cup last through 15 refills in the pool before the first crack appeared and THAT, my friend, is impressive.

There’s a reason that song was created, and it wasn’t because of a bet. Poems have been written extolling its virtue’s…okay well, maybe one or two, including the ones below:

Oh red Solo cup

Your color is maple leaves

Ripening in fall

You light up the room

No matter what you contain

Red Solo cup flame

I didn’t say they were good poems, just that they were about a red Solo cup.

People feel very strongly about their red Solo cups. They have loyalty to the brand, and Solo knows that it has a good thing going. The cup hasn’t changed much in all the years that I’ve been using it, except for the really nice grip area, and most people are like me, using it year after year for everything they can think of to use it for.

Let’s touch on some uses and virtues. In addition to various liquids that can be consumed from a red Solo cup, they can be used as a mold, to hold up ice cream cones for filling, they can be used as a centerpiece (well…that’s debatable), as everyday glass ware (guilty), and as a means of making your animals mad.

Truly, these cups are the perfect receptacle!

What's your opinion?

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