Sharpie-ing Goodness

I am showing some permanent love to my favorite line of writing tools, the almighty Sharpie.

Not only is my love for Sharpie strong due to its vast color offerings – I also have discovered the Sharpie blog routinely features others who share my addiction, plus a gallery full of inspiration!

This wonder of artistic inspiration on everything from Chinese take-out boxes and shoes, to creative wedding items and invites…my interest in Sharpies gets stronger with every photo. 

A recent Sharpie post had an interview about Timothy Goodman, a New York graphic artist. Talk about Sharpie love; I had to post some snippets of his work here and it is pretty amazing.

It does sort of want to make me run out and create a wall mural one of our office walls, but I’m going to hold myself back for now. Feeling inspirational, I searched the net and found that Timothy wasn’t the only one indulging in a passion for Sharpie art creations. Even Sharpie’s own blog showcases art created using their markers. You can find the blog here: Sharpie Blog.

Right now, they’re showcasing coolers decorated with Sharpie markers in honor of summer and some of them are so amazing!

I like to consider myself a fairly creative person, but I can’t get over the artwork on just the coolers.

OH! There’s also the Sharpie Mustang and Camaro. Chris Dunlop, a “pin stripe” artist well known for his expert detailed design on cars, orchestrated a design on a Ford Mustang and a Chevy Camaro using just a black Sharpie (MANY Sharpies, not just one).

On a whim, I decided to Google Sharpie art and found some amazing pieces of, dare I say, art. I’ve included some examples below, and it was so hard to decide what to include! Enjoy!

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