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ReStockIt makes it easy for you to make your purchasing decision! Read reviews on products you have questions about. Chances are, other users have answered your question and they give you their own experience with the product. Do you have the need to voice your opinion about a product that was just so great that you had to let it be know without shouting it from the rooftops? ReStockIt makes it really easy to review products and they offer over 200,000 products. If you are already a customer, it is even simpler to review products from an email alert with the products you purchased. Who knows, your ReStockit review may help someone else make the decision to purchase an great product.

Follow these simple steps to write a perfect product review:

1. Just navigate to the product page through the category choices, some of the categories include Cleaning Supplies, Binders, Glasses, etc.

2. If you know the product you are going to review, simply search for the item using the search bar.

3. Click on the Rate and Review tab under the product image to find the ‘Write a Review’ link.

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4. Use a catchy title to Title Your Review. A catchy title will attract potential customers to read your review.

5. Click on the appropriate pros and cons for your items and the fill in the text. Keep your review short and to the point.

6. Optional: Add your own personal product images or a even video review. By sharing your own images and video you will be providing even more important feedback to other customers.

7. Preview your review and then submit. You should see your review on the site within 7 days.

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  1. Dave says:

    My experience with ReStockIt has been great! I ordered something on Wednesday morning and received the item (regular mail) the following day. Was totally shocked that I got the item so fast!

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