Featured Partner: ACCO

ACCO Brands Corp was founded over a century ago as Wilson Jones American Clip Company (ACCO). ACCO is one of the first companies to revolutionize the way businesses and schools stay organized today, through the mass production of paper clips, the creation of the ring binder and the popularization of the stapler.

Today ACCO is an international office supply leader and owns several American household names in organizational and business supplies. One of America’s favorite stapler lines, Swingline, is a brand of parent company ACCO. ACCO owns Day-Timer, a brand that focuses on day planners and calendars. Whiteboards designed by Quartet, Kensington computer peripherals, and Wilson Jones binders are all major brand names developed by ACCO. This company has managed to remain at the forefront of business logistics since 1893 because they are focused on creating solutions-based products that satisfy the changing needs of the workplace.

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