How to find the best value in paper towels

Today we’re imparting a few useful tips on purchasing paper towels that will help save money. Many people don’t realize that two rolls that appear to be the same size can actually contain very different quantities. Similar to the way that potato chip bags are sold only about half full, or the way that fast-food restaurants will serve you soda in a cup that is mostly filled with ice, some paper towel companies use a handful of techniques to give less.

Paper towels with embossed or quilted patterns can outperform regular rolls for certain cleanup jobs, but keep in mind that the embossing causes the paper towel to be much thicker, which means you get less sheets per roll. When buying, keep in mind what your main purpose for these towels will be. Quilted paper towels are better suited for the kitchen, while plain paper towels are a better value for the bathroom sink.

Take advantage of buying paper towels in bulk online. For disposables that you know you will use up eventually, bulk pricing can give you a major advantage. Disposables are normally not available in bulk locally, but has great discounts on bulk paper towel products, many of which will be delivered in as little as one business day. For example, this carton of Scott paper towels with absorbency pockets is only about $1.45 per roll!

Lastly, try paper towels with smaller perforated sheets. Instead of offering sheets in 11 inch squares, paper towel manufacturers like Seventh Generation have recently started offering paper towels with twice the perforations, making it easier to use the proper amount for the job. Try these tips and order paper towels from to see how little advantages like these add up to big savings.

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