The Magic of the Magic Eraser

Mr Clean Magic Eraser

One of my favorite cleaning supplies is the Mr Clean Magic Eraser. For those of you who are distrustful of magic, there’s no need to fear. The Magic Eraser is simply the best way to clean skuff marks or tough blemishes out of any hard surface.

A magic eraser is essentially a pad of melamine foam, which was originally used as pipe insulation and soundproofing material. Near the early 21st century was rediscovered as an abrasive cleaner. The tough foam acts as a micro-fine sandpaper, and wears away slowly during use. When moistened, the magic eraser easily removes the toughest marks from any wall- as if by magic! It can take care of markers, crayons, grease stains, and skuff marks with minimal effort. Mr Clean is a product of parent company Proctor & Gamble, one of the largest American consumer goods manufacturers and the best place to find P&G cleaning products is

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