A Business Owner’s Guide to a Clean Bathroom

Every minute of the day that your local business’ bathroom is not clean is another chance to give a local, longtime customer the bad experience that will prevent him from coming back. Normally there is no way to tell whether you have lost customers on account of a dirty bathroom. In the same way that your business can earn a reputation around town, your business’ bathroom also gets a reputation that will stick, so to speak. In this blog  we’ll review the most sanitary bathroom equipment and then create a plan to keep that restroom clean.

The Right Public Restroom Equipment

Walk into your restroom and try this exercise; can you wash your hands, dry, and leave the bathroom without making contact with any surface whatsoever? A bathroom that is fitted with the right gear can accommodate this move. First, use a wall-mounted touchless soap dispenser. Hygiene leader Gojo has dispensers that use factory-sealed soap refills. These are superior because they are guaranteed to be sanitary. Studies have shown that approximately 25% of open bulk soap dispensers in public restrooms contain unsafe levels of bacteria.

Next you’ll need a touchless paper towel dispenser by the sink. Do not use an air dryer, since these can become dusty and blow bacteria onto your customers’ hands. A step-on trash can should be located right underneath the paper towel dispenser near the faucet. This way you can use a paper towel to turn the faucet off and throw it away, all without touching anything. You should also provide a small wastebasket near the door for those customers who like to open the door with a paper towel, so that they don’t have to make a prayer shot from half-court to throw it away. In the end it will create less work for you. Try this chrome wastebasket from Safco. Add a metered odor control system and toilet seat covers, and you should have all the basics covered for a sanitary public restroom.

Creating a Routine Cleaning Schedule

An hourly cleaning schedule is not to be used as a replacement for the responsibility of employees to “clean as they go”, to fix a problem when they find it. The purpose is to standardize the cleaning process for uniformity and continuous cleaning throughout the day. You will need to customize your schedule based on the needs of your particular business, but all routine cleaning schedules should address the following concerns in writing:

  1. What is to be cleaned
  2. When it is to be cleaned
  3. How it is to be cleaned
  4. Precautions to take
  5. Who is scheduled to clean
  6. Where cleaning materials are located

ReStockIt.com is a great place to find all the restroom cleaning supplies you will need. You can save money in all sorts of ways – by buying everything in one place, buying cleaning supplies in bulk, and by joining our ReStocker program, which lets you schedule automatic shipments and saves you 10% on all your purchases just for being a member.

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