’s Guide to Buying Wine Glasses

For everyday occasions, a glass of wine with dinner can get by in a plastic tumbler or a coffee mug, but if you want to bring out the true flavor of wine you’re going to need some proper glassware. That’s right, the taste of wine changes depending on the glass that it’s in. Let’s go over some common questions regarding wine and the appropriate glass.

Why are wine glasses so big when the servings are so small?

We’re right there with you, buddy. But the reason wine is served in 12 to 24 ounce glasses is so that it can breathe. By swirling your glass, the aromas of the wine are freed up. Glasses for red wine should be at least 12 ounces, and white wine glasses should be between 10 to 12.

The brandy snifter helps improve the flavor of aged brown spirits by allowing the liquor to evaporate from it’s wide surface area, while allowing your hand to warm the liquid, making it more pungent.

Champagne flutes are designed to prevent the hand from warming the drink, and the elongated shape allows the  glass to retain more of the carbonation.

A sherry glass is appropriate for liqeuers and dessert wines like port, due to its smaller size.

We recommend Libbey for quality glassware due to their reputation for manufacturing affordable flawless stemware in all the shapes and sizes you will need for entertaining guests.

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