Partner HON Releases New Basyx Line

HON is a new type of furniture manufacturer who is focused on developing stylish, ergonomic office furniture at the best possible value. In that spirit they have developed the HON Basyx product line, designed to maximize functionality in the workplace at a low cost, while introducing fresh designs and colors. If your budget for office furniture is tight but you don’t want to compromise on style and comfort, choose HON Basyx. Some of our personal favorites from the Basyx line are the modern task chairs, which are available in a spectrum of designs and materials to suit your particular working conditions, from vinyl mesh backs or plush faux leather upholstry.

HON is a leading designer of office furniture with manufacturing plants across the United States, strategically placed to provide cheaper shipping costs to it’s customers. HON’s secret to success is keeping a close eye on the needs of businesses like yours, and developing better ways to provide valuable office furniture solutions at the best possible price.

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