Kimberly Clark’s Huggies Brand “Changes Everything”

Consumer giant Kimberly Clark’s child company, Huggies, is encouraging parents nationwide to show off their pride and joy (and film-making skills) with the Great Squirmy Baby Roundup Youtube channel. This customer interaction event coincides with the release of their new line of diapers called Little Movers Slip-On. The new diaper slides on like underwear, simplifying the diaper changing routine while maintaining the reliable leak protection that Huggies is known for. The new diaper will be available nationwide at all major retail outlets where diapers are sold. Kimberly-Clark’s innovations come from it’s focus on customer interaction activities like this.

Kimberly Clark is the parent company of a host of household name brands and manufacture anything from facial tissue, soap dispensers and a host of other paper products. Focused on reducing your costs and improving your quality of life. To get the Kimberly Clark products you need, visit You can take advantage of fast, reliable shipping, competitive prices and discounts on items in bulk.

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