Hygiene Solutions Leader GOJO’s Sanitary-Sealed Soap Refills

Gojo TFX 5362-02 Premium Foam Antibacterial HandwashGOJO brand is a world leader in skin health and hygiene solutions. They manage the Purell brand of alcohol based hand sanitizers as well as Provon, which caters to the medical and healthcare industry. The advantage that makes GOJO the superior choice in soap dispensers and soap refills is their concept of sanitary-sealed refills, because “open refillable” bulk soap dispensers commonly house unsafe levels of bacteria.

In a recent hygiene study by microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba, approximately 25% of bulk soap dispensers across the country contain unsafe levels of bacteria that are known to cause illness. Did you imagine that, after using a public bathroom, it’s the soap that would transfer bacteria to you?

There’s no need to worry about the inefficiency of bulk soap dispensers as long as you use GOJO sanitary sealed products. The soap refills come pre-packaged and factory sealed. In fact, Dr Gerba’s same study also concluded that GOJO’s prepackaged soap dispenser refills and hand sanitizers contained no such harmful bacteria.

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