featured partner: Gojo

After World War II, GOJO founders Jerry and Goldie Lippman turned their full attention to marketing GOJO Hand Cleaner. Jerry mixed and bottled it at night and sold it from the back of his car each day. Goldie managed purchasing and accounting for the growing business. With a natural instinct to listen to customers, Jerry soon learned that garage owners thought that his product was too expensive to buy for workers. Observing workers as they washed, he discovered that they were using much more hand cleaner than was needed. That insight led Jerry to develop the first portion-control hand cleaner dispenser, for which GOJO was granted a patent in 1952.

An increasingly germ-conscious world brought new challenges to GOJO customers. Restaurant operators started to face legal action when foodborne illness cases were traced to hand-spread germs. At the same time, healthcare associated infections were identified as a significant risk in hospitals and long term care facilities. Concern grew over how to clean hands when soap and water were unavailable. Prompted by these risks, GOJO scientists revolutionalized hand hygiene by inventing a whole new approach to hand disinfection — and PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer was born.

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