partner Rubbermaid looking to make things greener

Spray mops are great on tile and hardwood floors but can be expensive to maintain. Each company has a proprietary cleaning solution in a bottle that has to be replaced when empty. In many cases, the mops require batteries and disposable mop heads that have to be replaced as well. Rubbermaid is focused on making products that are easier on the environment and your wallet and they’ve proven it with their new spray mop, the Rubbermaid Reveal. The Reveal features a refillable bottle that can be filled with hot water and your choice of cleaning solution. Instead of being operated by expensive batteries, you squeeze a handle to spray the cleaning solution. To top it off the microfiber mop pad is reusable. In other words, this mop does a great job at cleaning your floors and costs nothing to maintain. For great prices on this and other Rubbermaid products, visit

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