Product Review: The Crayola Crayon Tower 150 Piece Set

150 Count Telescoping Crayon Tower
150 Count Telescoping Crayon Tower

 If your child loves to draw (or if you do), the best coloring set out there right now is the Telescoping Crayon Tower by Crayola. In fact, this item (model 52-0029) won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum award, the Emmys of the toy world.

The largest crayon set to date, this kit expands into a crayon tower that locks in place, making it easy to select and organize the crayons. The case collapses with ease and is durable enough to get banged around the toy chest without spilling any crayons. It has 150 different crayons including 16 metallic and 16 glitter crayons. The case has a built-in sharpener. Let your child’s imagination soar the skies with fifteen different shades of blue. This set is perfect for vacations and long car rides, and at only $14.49 at, all the artists in the family can get one.

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