Product Review: Lexmark Inkjet Cartridge Black / Color Pack

Lexmark 18C2249 inkjet cartridge on sale at

Buying original Lexmark inkjet cartridges ensures that you will get a sharper picture and more reliable operation than you can get from non-name brand inkjet refills. The Lexmark 18C2249 inkjet cartridge from includes an extra high-capacity black cartridge and an extra high-capacity color cartridge, for $61.60 including shipping. This cartridge is guaranteed to fit in your Lexmark X3650, X4650, X5650, X6650, and Z2420 printer. To get the most life out of your original cartridge, look for an option in your printer settings called Econo-mode, which will print pictures with less ink. Use this option when printing text or anything else where picture clarity is not vital.

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