Review: Kimtech Touchscreen Cleaning Wipes

Since the whole point of owning a tablet or ereader is to be seen around town with one, you’ll want to keep the screen and body sparkling. Every now and again you wash or wax your car, add new seat covers and the like. You owe the same duty to your iPad. You bought it, he’s your responsibility now.

Kimtech touchscreen cleaning wipes, KIM-25932When I got my first flat screen TV, I used to hate it when people left their fingerprints on it. Now that touchscreen technology is built into most of our consumer electronics, a greasy screen is unavoidable. Don’t bother using white cotton gloves; the screen doesn’t respond and you will look ridiculous. Trust me. The Touchscreen Wipes from Kimtech are pretty much your only solution right now if you want a flawless screen surface.

Jewelry counter girls rejoice! The Kimtech touchscreen wipes are affordable enough to buy in bulk and use everyday, and work like nothing else for any glass surface that gets high traffic finger jabbing. Warning: Do not use these wipes on glass walls, or you will end up like this guy. Or this guy. Hmm, maybe you should buy some extras.

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