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Product Review: The Crayola Crayon Tower 150 Piece Set

150 Count Telescoping Crayon Tower

150 Count Telescoping Crayon Tower

 If your child loves to draw (or if you do), the best coloring set out there right now is the Telescoping Crayon Tower by Crayola. In fact, this item (model 52-0029) won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum award, the Emmys of the toy world.

The largest crayon set to date, this kit expands into a crayon tower that locks in place, making it easy to select and organize the crayons. The case collapses with ease and is durable enough to get banged around the toy chest without spilling any crayons. It has 150 different crayons including 16 metallic and 16 glitter crayons. The case has a built-in sharpener. Let your child’s imagination soar the skies with fifteen different shades of blue. This set is perfect for vacations and long car rides, and at only $14.49 at, all the artists in the family can get one.


Product Review: Nady MPF-6 Microphone Pop Filter

The Nady MPF-6 pro mic pop filter.

The Nady MPF-6 pro mic pop filter.

 After taking a close look at this microphone vocal pop filter I can see why most people rate it at four or five stars. You get all-around professional quality at a suprisingly affordable price (only $18 at

This pop filter cuts down about 70% of all vocal sounds that would normally cause an abnormal wave form spike, AKA a “vocal pop”, with words that contain “P”, “T”, or “S”. The gooseneck is sturdy and will hold at any angle, and the clamp holds firm on any mic stand. The 6″ two-sided fabric diaphragm does an excellent job at preventing puffs of air from hitting the microphone, and can easily be switched out with a new one. If you use professional microphones for work or hobby and you have never used a pop filter, get one at and you will be shocked at the increase in sound quality.


Product Review: UPS Backup System BE550G, by APC

Running desktops for business without power backup is flirting with disaster. The best deal on UPS power supplies is the mid-level BE550G by APC. APC is the leader in surge protection and power backup because they have designed UPS units for every business’s need. The BE550G can protect eight outlets from a power surge, and supply emergency backup power to up to four devices at once for over three minutes, enough time to backup your important documents during a power outtage. The batteries in the BE550G are Sealed Lead Acid RBC2 batteries, which are commonly found and easy to install once it comes time to replace them. You can get the APC BE550G backup unit at for 40% off now, with 1-2 day delivery!


Product Review: Lexmark Inkjet Cartridge Black / Color Pack

Lexmark 18C2249 inkjet cartridge on sale at

Buying original Lexmark inkjet cartridges ensures that you will get a sharper picture and more reliable operation than you can get from non-name brand inkjet refills. The Lexmark 18C2249 inkjet cartridge from includes an extra high-capacity black cartridge and an extra high-capacity color cartridge, for $61.60 including shipping. This cartridge is guaranteed to fit in your Lexmark X3650, X4650, X5650, X6650, and Z2420 printer. To get the most life out of your original cartridge, look for an option in your printer settings called Econo-mode, which will print pictures with less ink. Use this option when printing text or anything else where picture clarity is not vital.


Top Brand News: Hewlett Packard’s new displays

HP targets graphic designers with new suite of high-performance displays

At yearly earnings of $126 billion as of last year, HP is by far the world’s largest IT company with the most complete technology portfolio, ranging from consumer electronics to business IT infrastructure services. HP is best known for its printers, however it has recently made waves in the LED display market.

Last month Hewlett Packard released its first under-$200 digital displays, with more than 1 billion colors and in-plane switching technology to deliver a sharp image. HP designed the new screens especially for graphic designers and animators; the new displays feature Direct Drive Architecture, which mean that the color values go directly from the computer’s graphics card to the display panel, eliminating color alteration.


Product Review: Scott C-Fold Towels

Free shipping on Scott C-Fold TowelsThe best deal on C-Fold towels

Use for your c-fold towels and janitorial supply needs. Our best selling c-fold towel, model KIM01510, is only $34 for a case of 12 packs, with 200 towels in each pack. We ship it the next day with free shipping, and you can even set up auto-redelivery with our ReStocker program. This is just one of many quality products from Kimberly Clark.


Product Review: Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Alarm features shaking, vibrating, flashing and turbo sound

Sonic bomb alarm clock

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with bed shaker unit

There are some days in your life that you don’t want to take the slightest chance of waking up late. For some people that’s every day. You need Sonic Alert’s Sonic Bomb alarm clock. This is no ordinary alarm clock.

The Sonic Bomb is not only very loud, it includes a separate unit that shakes your bed! The alarm itself vibrates, and built-in lights flash brightly. It comes with a backup battery in case of power outage, includes a 220 volt foreign adapter for traveling, and is designed with a jumbo sized LED display. It comes with a retractable spigot that dispenses Red Bull at a refreshing 64 degrees. Just kidding about the last part, but all the other amazing features of this alarm clock are true. has this item on sale for 30% off with free shipping. Get one today and never be late again!


Product Review: Boardwalk 6400 Center Pull Paper Towels

If you are buying supplies for your business’s restrooms, go with center-pull paper towels. I’ve found that they are the cheapest and most efficient type of hand drying amenity you can get.

Boardwalk 6400 center pull paper towels six packBoardwalk is the janitorial supplies brand that I use for paper towels. Customers have rated the Boardwalk 6400 centerpull paper towels a whopping 5 1/2 out of 6 stars because’s price on the item is unbeatable, and the product itself lasts longer than other types of paper towel. You can get a case of 6 two-ply centerpull paper towel rolls for $22.49 as of this writing; that’s only $3.75 for about a month of normal paper use. If you already use a different type of paper towel with other dispensers, try buying a case of the Boardwalk 6400 centerpull towels and a dispenser. Centerpull paper towel dispensers are the cheapest type of dispenser there is, and the savings in paper usage will pay for your old push-lever, electric dispenser or blow dryer you have now.


ReStockIt now catering to the medical supply industry

All your medical business needs in one place.

At ReStockIt, we’re not just office supplies. We’re business supplies. Not only do we have everything you need to run your business, we understand the special needs unique to every industry we cater to. No other company makes it so easy to buy printer paper and triage and diagnostics supplies all in one place.

ReStockIt is more than a retailer; we’re your medical supply partner. Our products are organized in categories that are intuitive to medical professionals. For example, our Respiratory section includes nasal CPAP and BPAP masks, oxygen equipment, manual resuscitators and much more. In our Syringes and Needles section we make it easier than ever to find the exact type, CC and gauge your business uses. Once you’ve found everything, you can even set up automatic re-shipment of your items through our proprietary ReStocker auto-delivery feature and as a bonus, we offer 10% off to our ReStocker members.

ReStockIt’s 110% Price Match Guarantee, intuitive navigation, helpful customer service and wide selection ensures that your medical company will get the best deal possible on top brand medical devices and disposable medical supplies specific to your industry. Your shopping will be done before you know it! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call us toll free at (800) 803-5207. Our customer service reps can make changing medical supply companies easy and ensure you are getting everything your business needs.…If your business needs it, we stock it for less!

Medical Supplies from


Product Review: Adcraft Aluminum Ice Scoop (ALS-5)

Cast Aluminum Scoop, 5 OunceDon’t leave your barbacks out in the cold

To make sure your bartenders don’t run out of ice at a bad time, don’t get flimsy plastic scoops. You need cast aluminum ice scoops from a reputable foodservice brand like Adcraft.

Plastic scoops are cheaper and they can be left in the ice machine without freezing, but unfortunately they can also chip off pieces of plastic into the ice bin and in any case they inevitably wear down. I’m not a bartender but when people request their martinis dirty I’m pretty sure they’re not talking about plastic shavings from cheap ice scoops! For the extra cost, just get ice scoops made out of cast aluminum. On busy nights the ice scoops will no doubt be banged around as barbacks frantically scrape into the ice machine bin. Get one ALS-5 ice scoop for each barback that you employ; these things last forever and have a professional-looking polished mirror finish. At you get free 1-2 day shipping for this product, and you even get a discount for buying in bulk.


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