The advantages of centerpull paper towels

Business owners look at the world differently. Everything is in terms of cost, efficiency and return on investment. If you are a business owner, you know better than anyone that little expenses add up! Let’s talk about the advantages of using centerpull paper towels. that you may not have considered.

San Jamar centerpull paper towel dispenser
San Jamar centerpull paper towel dispenser

A centerpull paper towel dispenser is a wall-mounted container for what looks like a roll of paper towels, but shorter and wider. Instead of unraveling the paper from the outside, perforated sections are pulled starting from the core going out, like in the photo to the left. This San Jamar translucent blue model is one of our most popular models, and is compatible with our top-selling centerpull paper towel refill by Boardwalk.

The first major advantage of using centerpull paper towels is that the dispensers are very cheap. The design of the dispensers are very simplistic and have no moving parts, yet at the same time they are more efficient at dispensing than electric or hand operated dispensers with less jamming. You’re sure to find something that fits your current style from’s selection of centerpull paper towel dispensers.

Almost all centerpull paper towel dispensers have a translucent body, making it easy to tell when the dispenser is getting low so you can refill the towels before they run out. Usually with multifold paper towel dispensers, you won’t know that you’ve run out until a customer complains that the bathroom has no more paper towels. If you’re looking for centerpull paper towel refills, you can save by buying them in bulk with free shipping by getting them from

The reason why I would not suggest going with an electric blower instead of a paper towel dispenser is that your customers may sometimes want to wash their face as well as their hands. Getting blasted in the face with hot, moldy air is not pleasant (trust me!). There have been times when I’ve washed my face in a public bathroom, only to realize that there are no paper towels!

Centerpull paper towel dispensers and electric blowers share one great advantage; you don’t have to touch anything. Statistical reports show figures anywhere between 10%-40% of people who use a public bathroom don’t wash their hands, so you are going to want to make it possible for your customers to dry their hands and leave the bathroom without touching anything other than a paper towel. When you own multifold paper towel dispensers, your customers still have to push a lever to get the paper towel, which makes their hands dirty again. There are motion-activated paper towel dispensers (that are five times more expensive than centerpull paper towel dispensers), but for the most part they are slow, jam often, and the sensor doesn’t work all of the time. In this economy, you don’t want your customers to experience the slightest inconvenience, when it could be prevented by using centerpull paper towels. Since the cost of the dispenser and refills are very cheap, you have nothing to lose by browsing our selection.

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