Libbey glassware; no compromise on value or style

One of the biggest problems for me when shopping for replacement glassware is that I can never remember where I bought my last set. I want all my drinking glasses to match! One great thing about Libbey glassware is that Libbey is one of the biggest glassware companies in the world with the biggest selection.

Start at’s Libbey glassware page. ReStockIt has every kind of glassware you need. They are also great for restaurants and bars. They will ship glassware in bulk and in many cases you can get free shipping with your order.

Personally, one reason I like Libbey is that their glassware is available in standard styles and designer shapes. If I’m looking for a Collins glass for example, I know I’m getting the dictionary definition of a Collins glass. However, if you’re looking for stylish martini glasses, Libbey has a good selection of designer glassware such as this cobalt-blue Bravura martini glass.

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