The dirtiest object in American homes?

Statistically, the dirtiest object in the common American household is the kitchen sponge. This is because disease causing bacteria thrives in a moist, porous environment. The same goes with dish drying rags. recommends using SOS Tuffy dishwashing pads. These awesome scrubbers are safe on non-stick surfaces. They last longer than green pads and best of all, they are non-porous so there is nowhere for moisture or bacteria to thrive. Customers write to us about this product constantly, with comments like this:

” Too bad they are no longer carried in local stores. Now, like my brother-in-law, I buy them by the case. They will not scratch pans, never carry an odor, and allow a good scrubbing without chemicals. Love the old fashioned orange of the 1950’s my mom used, but I can settle for blue. ”  –  kalinn55 from Mesa, AZ has everything you need to work smarter, not harder. Check out our selection of other kitchen supplies.

Tuffy Dishwashing Pad from
Tuffy Dishwashing Pad from

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