Flower Power; Certain Scents Increase Productivity

Clothing stores, hotel lobbies, restaurants and other commercialfranchises are beginning to capitalize on the relatively new idea of “sensory branding” (think Abercrombie, Macys, or the trendy W Hotels). Aromas affect your mood; some encourage you to relax, or increase your urge to spend. In that same light, savvy business offices are managing scents to make employees more productive. According to a report by Japanese “Aromachology” research firm Takasago, using scents like lavender, jasmine, and lemon in the workplace can reduce typing errors by as much as 54 percent.

Did you know that aside from elevating mood and productivity, lavender also improves memory?

Try the motion activated Air Wick Freshmatic Dispenser with lavender and chamomile, which is designed especially for the home and office. Place it in an area with moderate traffic, or even near the workstations. You may notice a spike in productivity over the next few weeks, which gives this simple dispenser a giant return on your investment. This starter kit includes both the dispenser and the refill, and is just one of the many metered air freshener dispensers and refills offered at ReStockIt.com

Sensitivity to a certain scent declines after repeated exposure, so you should rotate new scents every two weeks to maximize the effectiveness of this productivity technique. A case of long lasting Freshmatic refills amount to only $5.58 per can from ReStockIt.com.

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