Ice Bags; A Good Host is Always Prepared

When it comes to hosting parties it pays to be prepared. Do you really want to leave your guests waiting while you frantically drive around for supplies? The most common way to ruin a good time is running out of ice for drinks, so why not stock up for free beforehand?

I keep a stack of ice bags in the kitchen at all times. When I’m planning a party, I’ll empty my ice dispenser into the bags each day and store them in the freezer. This pack of 1,000 bags amounts to under $0.09 cents per bag! Much cheaper than buying ice last minute at a convenience store for $1 to $3 per bag. Ziploc bags are not appropriate for ice, however these sturdy bags come with twist ties included and can hold ten pounds of ice easily.

Display your sophistication by using an ice scoop instead of whatever is lying on the kitchen counter. Blow their minds even further by memorizing some drink recipes. Here’s an easy one, called the Air Mail: Thoroughly mix two ounces of golden rum with a teaspoon of honey and a half-ounce of lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Pour unstrained into a Collin’s glass and fill with champagne. has an impressive variety of kitchen supplies at good prices, take a look around while planning your party now, and save yourself alot of stress in the future.

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