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The Snacks That Define Us

So, I wanted to write a blog about the funny mugs that my office co-workers drank from during the day, so that I could demonstrate the uniqueness that is us, the ReStockIt employees. You’ve all seen the Halloween parties and Masquerade parties we like to throw, so you know we’re a fun-loving bunch. Tragically, we don’t extend that to our coffee mugs.


So I’ll just talk about the mugs we DO use, and break room ideas! We have a pretty cool break room, for the most part. We have an air hockey table, and TV, along with our puzzle table-it’s a big hit with IT- and we never want for coffee. What would be really awesome would be a snack machine. It wouldn’t necessarily have to have fun, yummy snack goodies that we all know are terrible for us.


There are such things as vending machines that sell fruit, organic chips and other snacks, and that is something that I would love to have in our break room at work! During our once-monthly birthday/anniversary celebrations, we try to have only healthy food to snack on, like yogurt, granola, a veggie tray, and whole grain chips and salsa. Wow, I just made myself really hungry. What can you do to have smart eating choices in your break room?



The New Kid

THe new kid

Once upon a time, in an office much like your own, there was a new kid in town. At first, he didn’t realize there was something different that set him apart from the others, but they knew. Where they were metal and box-like, with a white glossy sheen, he was round and smoke-colored. When towels were pulled from them, they came out in a clump, and sometimes even ripped!

The new kid, well, his towels came out smooth and they never ripped, except where they were supposed to. Because of that, his friends in the office didn’t have to touch anything but the towels, so he felt great pride in guarding them against those silly human sicknesses. The boxes watched from their positions on the wall and fumed. Who did this new kid think he was? They, the boxes, ruled this office!

The old kids

The boxes conspired to trip up the new kid, who was happily hanging on the wall by the kitchen sink, doing his job. They whispered along the box-network after the office shut down for the night, but to no avail-there was nothing they could do to trip up the new dispenser; he was untrippable! Even the old boxes grew to admire how easy it was to change out his towels, and the ease in which his towels flowed. Not to mention that he needed his towels replaced a lot less than they did.

Then the day came when the boxes realized they were being replaced with more new kids. At first, there was panic, then the realization dawned that they could take it easy now, and relax. The new kid and his new friends would take care of the humans in the office, and much better than they could. They were happy to hand over the keys to the new kids, and live out the remainder of their lives in a storage room, retired.

The end.




All work and no play…

We all know how to finish that sentence. Even though its been around a long time, most of us equate it with a smirking Jack Nicholson with crazy eyes, and frankly that’s not a look I’m going for. Its been proven that a little bit of “play” during the work day makes for a more productive employee. You get some break away time, take a fifteen minute break and put a puzzle together, or surf the internet for a new pair of shoes (a woman’s way of playing, for the most part). No matter what it is, outside of illegal activities, people need some play.

Even if you love your job, you reach a point where you need a non-work related distraction. Something to clear the mind, turn your focus to something besides the spreadsheet or document that you’ve been staring at for two hours. A lot of companies have a no Internet policy, so you can’t do that, but you can have a desk toy!

For the longest time, I have wanted a desk toy. A mini billiards table, that obnoxious ball clacker thingy, even a zen garden would work! But I keep procrastinating (like I did with my hurricane preparedness kit), and still haven’t bought one. Seeing as though I don’t want the Jack Torrence look of insanity, I decided on Friday to finally look for something, and I came across tons of toys I can use at my desk. Now I just have to choose one…


Pets at Work!

We have a resident pet here at the office, and frankly, he brightens my day when I pass by him. He’s actually very social, and puts on a show if you stop and say hi. His name is McCrea, and he’s a blue Beta fish, or Siamese fighting fish. So on my visit to McCrea this morning I wondered what other pets take up residence in other offices? We’re an office of pet lovers, and just thoughts of propriety keep us from having a menagerie (that, and motion sensors) here, but it’s NICE having a pet at the office. If only it were possible to bring in my dog, or my cat…but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about maybe a hermit crab. Or a guppy. Although I did settle for a mouse pad

I used to work for a well-known big box retailer, and we had an “office” cat. She mostly hung out up at the service desk, and for the Saturday morning kids build, we even made her a little apron, which she graciously consented to wear. Her name was Victoria (don’t ask) and she just showed up one day outside of the loading docks, hungry and pitiful looking. We took her in, gave her a place to stay at the phone center, and everyone at the store chipped in cash for her vet visits and food, and on Sunday nights, the only day the store wasn’t staffed 24 hours and the alarms went on, someone would volunteer to take her home for the night. She was well loved, and learned a lot about installing a ceiling fan.

If you happen to work in a pet-loving office, and no one has major allergies to critters (this includes mind-numbing phobias, which means no spiders!)  see if you can at least bring in your own darling dog-cat-hamster-spiny jungle squirrel and have a little fun for the day!


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