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The Perfect HP PC

The holidays are coming, and someone on your list wants a new computer. Whether it’s your teenage son who is tired of sharing, or your husband who is just not happy with the current laptop, someone will ask.  The question is, how to you pick the perfect PC? Buy or build?

A long time ago in a galaxy much like our own, I dated the quintessential computer nerd. Back then, it wasn’t cool to be a geek, not like now, and we were definitely part of that subculture. This is the time before personal laptops, but he managed to set up his computer on the bedside table and angle it so that he could work on it at night. He was dedicated. He preferred building his own PC and taught me a lot about it, although I’m sure he thought I wasn’t listening. His personal preference was Hewlett Packard, now more commonly known as HP, and it stuck with me.

Building a PC with the right components can be cost efficient and get you more bang for your buck. If you are a serious gamer or do a lot with your PC, then building is a definite option for you.  It gives you the freedom to choose component options that most likely won’t come with a pre-built PC. Maybe you don’t need an operating system because you already have one, or you need a superior graphics card and more memory…the list goes on.

Buying a pre-built is what is suitable for most PC owners. Higher graphics, super-fast processors, and great sound always makes the use of a computer nice, but when you’re just surfing the ‘Net, emailing Grandma, and storing photo’s, you don’t have to expend the money on a blazing fast system with HD graphics. A basic desktop would do you just fine, unless you want portability.

Teenagers, like a certain 14 year old that I know, do best with laptops. They have the mobility they want, the guts to do gaming and surfing, and they can take it with them everywhere (except school. A lot of schools still say no to personal computers. Unless its college. I’m digressing) they want to be. School work and research is a breeze, and they can decorate it with skins (not human). Kids love decorating with skins.

Now, there are tablets. I am just scratching that surface and it’s taken me almost two years to decide if I want an iPad, an Android tablet, a Kindle Fire…wow. Guess what? Still can’t decide. I know what I want to do with it, but can’t find one that encompasses it all. Maybe next year I can do a blog on tablets…


Hewlett Packard’s New Printers Give Small Businesses an Edge

Although online marketing can help small businesses reach a global audience, many industries are still better suited to attract customers through printed media. One problem SMBs face is the cost of outsourcing their printing efforts.’s brand partner, HP, recognized the need for an affordable solution to in-house printing and created a new generation of color LaserJet and multifunction printers.

One such innovation is the HP Laserjet Pro 400. This multifunction printer gives small and medium businesses a competitive edge by bringing their printing operations in-house. The Pro 400 can create two-sided color documents automatically with its auto-duplexing feature. You can scan documents directly to email with a color resolution of 600 x 600 dpi (dots per inch). The HP printer is also blazingly fast at up to 21 pages per minute in color, with the first page produced as fast as 17 seconds. With all these features and more, the LaserJet Pro 400 is small enough to sit on a desk. recognizes Hewlett Packard as a technology leader who constantly keeps your personal and business needs in mind when developing new products. Visit today for superior HP printing solutions and genuine HP ink and toner cartridges.


Product Review: Hewlett Packard Inkjet Cartridge #72 Black

HP No. 72, Print Cartridge Authentic HP inkjet cartridges are designed specifically for top performance in Hewlett Packard inkjet printers. When you buy genuine HP parts, your photos print sharper and with deeper colors. What’s more, the ink won’t bleed or fade over time like ink from generic cartridges.

The number 72 black ink cartridge for HP printers is carefully calibrated to stay sharp while producing more pages and lasting longer than generic cartridges. Also known as model C9403A, this cartridge is guaranteed to fit in the following HP inkjet printers:

HP Designjet 1100 series HP Designjet T1100 44-in Printer
HP Designjet 1100 series HP Designjet T1100 Multifunction Printer
HP Designjet 1100 series HP Designjet T1100ps 44-in Printer
HP Designjet 1100 series HP Designjet T1120 44-in Printer
HP Designjet 1100 series HP Designjet T1120 HD Multifunction Printer
HP Designjet 1100 series HP Designjet T1120 SD Multifunction Printer
HP Designjet 1100 series HP Designjet T1120ps 44-in Printer
HP Designjet 1200 series HP Designjet T1200 44-in PostScript Version Printer
HP Designjet 600 series HP Designjet T610 24-in Printer
HP Designjet 600 series HP Designjet T610 44-in Printer
HP Designjet 600 series HP Designjet T620 24-in Printer
HP Designjet 700 series HP Designjet T770 24-in Printer with Hard Disk
HP Designjet 700 series HP Designjet T770 44-in Hard Disk Version Printer
HP Designjet 700 series HP Designjet T790 24-in ePrinter
HP Designjet 700 series HP Designjet T790 44-in ePrinter

Top Brand News: Hewlett Packard’s new displays

HP targets graphic designers with new suite of high-performance displays

At yearly earnings of $126 billion as of last year, HP is by far the world’s largest IT company with the most complete technology portfolio, ranging from consumer electronics to business IT infrastructure services. HP is best known for its printers, however it has recently made waves in the LED display market.

Last month Hewlett Packard released its first under-$200 digital displays, with more than 1 billion colors and in-plane switching technology to deliver a sharp image. HP designed the new screens especially for graphic designers and animators; the new displays feature Direct Drive Architecture, which mean that the color values go directly from the computer’s graphics card to the display panel, eliminating color alteration.


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