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Mobile Storage

In our very hectic lives, we turn to computers to help simplify them. We make lists, create spreadsheets, fax, email…you name it, we use a computer to do it. Well, except to wash dishes and clothes, which frankly would be phenomenal if someone can figure THAT out.

So what do we do when we’re going to be away from our digital vault of our lives? We load it all onto a USB flash drive. No matter what you call them – flash drives, jump drives, thumb drives- they are the new storage device that we carry with us to access all our important data.

USB Strip Complete

Gone are the days of the floppy disk and diskettes. Even CD’s are becoming obsolete as data storage devices now that flash drives are dropping in price and gaining more storage – all while becoming even smaller than they already are. Some are so tiny; I’m scared they’d get lost!

We can even express our individuality through our flash drives. My husband’s favorite flash drive is his Boba Fett. Mine is my StormTrooper. I also have one that’s kind of fancy looking, that I use if I have a meeting or a presentation to give. No matter what your personal preference, or what you use it for, flash drives are our new best friends!



The Mighty Pen

Ah pens. I’ve written about pens before on this blog, but I want to revisit them. Because I adore pens. Pens of all kinds. I have my favorites, the ones I use all the time, but I collect pens too, especially if they are unusual. I may never use them, but they will look very pretty in my pen holder!

Even today, when most of our work is done on computers and our cell phones have notepads and voice recorders built in, pen lovers still lust after pens. Even now, when I barely write anything on paper at work, I have  about 15 pens on my desk, and countless notepads (that’s another blog entirely) that I never use!

Pens engender very strong feelings amongst their owners, and our customer’s are no different. They are very precise in what they order and what they want, and can talk pen-lingo like they work in a Papermate factory! I’m not even that well-versed! Today, though, I’m going to show you some unusual pens – glass pens, ergonomic pens, goofy pens and even nostalgic pens (who remembers bracelet pens?). I hope you enjoy!

Pen Blog Completed


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Office Supply Nostalgia

Today’s offices are so efficient that most of them don’t even use paper anymore. Everything is digital, and some are even moving away from CD’s and moving to online cloud storage to communicate with other businesses and clients. USB flash drives have become so inexpensive that they are now the portable storage of choice.

Who remembers typewriters? I remember the sound of an office in full swing, the clickety-clack of typing echoing throughout. Then there were the whispered curses when a mistake was made and the Wite-Out was needed or the correction tape. Oh, and the awesome sound of a dot-matrix printer, slowly going back and forth, printing in black and white dots.


Computers were room sized until the bulky desktops were introduced that used floppy disks and had a whopping 20 megs (MB) of hard drive space! We had copiers that needed their own rooms, that were so intimidating with all their trays and doors. I always hated making copies on them.

Fax machines were equally confounding, and I avoided them at all costs. The loud screeching noise was annoying, and then the machine would beep loudly if I did something wrong (which was usually all the time) and I would walk away, embarrassed that I couldn’t master a stupid machine. I do, however, miss the simple desk phones that were common. This multi-line, many-buttoned phone that we use now never works right for me. I think it hates me. What retro office supplies do you remember?


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The Perfect HP PC

The holidays are coming, and someone on your list wants a new computer. Whether it’s your teenage son who is tired of sharing, or your husband who is just not happy with the current laptop, someone will ask.  The question is, how to you pick the perfect PC? Buy or build?

A long time ago in a galaxy much like our own, I dated the quintessential computer nerd. Back then, it wasn’t cool to be a geek, not like now, and we were definitely part of that subculture. This is the time before personal laptops, but he managed to set up his computer on the bedside table and angle it so that he could work on it at night. He was dedicated. He preferred building his own PC and taught me a lot about it, although I’m sure he thought I wasn’t listening. His personal preference was Hewlett Packard, now more commonly known as HP, and it stuck with me.

Building a PC with the right components can be cost efficient and get you more bang for your buck. If you are a serious gamer or do a lot with your PC, then building is a definite option for you.  It gives you the freedom to choose component options that most likely won’t come with a pre-built PC. Maybe you don’t need an operating system because you already have one, or you need a superior graphics card and more memory…the list goes on.

Buying a pre-built is what is suitable for most PC owners. Higher graphics, super-fast processors, and great sound always makes the use of a computer nice, but when you’re just surfing the ‘Net, emailing Grandma, and storing photo’s, you don’t have to expend the money on a blazing fast system with HD graphics. A basic desktop would do you just fine, unless you want portability.

Teenagers, like a certain 14 year old that I know, do best with laptops. They have the mobility they want, the guts to do gaming and surfing, and they can take it with them everywhere (except school. A lot of schools still say no to personal computers. Unless its college. I’m digressing) they want to be. School work and research is a breeze, and they can decorate it with skins (not human). Kids love decorating with skins.

Now, there are tablets. I am just scratching that surface and it’s taken me almost two years to decide if I want an iPad, an Android tablet, a Kindle Fire…wow. Guess what? Still can’t decide. I know what I want to do with it, but can’t find one that encompasses it all. Maybe next year I can do a blog on tablets…


The USB Connection

USB ports and connections have become the norm. Flash drives and external hard drives that hook into your computer make life easier, and make work and storage more portable than ever. Outside of the standards however, there is a breed of items that utilize your computers USB ports, or provide support and expansion, that aim to entertain and delight.

I’m all about entertainment and delight. Goofy hubs and USB powered products really make my day when I see them, and invariably, I need to possess them. Especially if they appeal to my geek side. Give me an R2-D2 USB hub any day and I am grinning from ear to ear. It’s even worse when I find something unique that no one has seen before.

While researching for this blog, I started with my trusty friend Google, and searched for “funky USB items” and was amazed at all the things that came up! Sandwiched in between all the hubs were toys! And movie characters from every movie in Geekdom Heaven! There’s even a fish tank! Can you tell that I am extremely excited?

Going through all the stuff I saw, I realized that even if I bought a fraction of it, I would have to buy two 4-port hubs to run off my existing USB ports on my computer, just to have everything hooked up. Not certain how that would go over here, but my desk would look really cool! How would you decorate your desk with USB gadgets?

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