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Back to School

August. It’s almost here. That month of bittersweet feelings for all. I remember as a child being disappointed that all the good times of summer were about to be over, Read more


Tiering Up

Invitations have been sent, perks and swag are in place, we have our virtual red carpet rolled out to proudly announce a premier VIP event that doesn’t require a shirt,shoes or even pants!  Read more »


“ is a Great Company!”

Recently ReStockIt ran a fun contest – a chance to win a Shopping Spree on our site.  All of our customers were eligible for entry,  any orders placed during the time of the contest that were over $200.00  were automatically entered.   When we announced our winner here’s what he had to say: Read more »


National Bosses Day October 16th

Are you ready? Whether we like it or not, most of us have one. Some are demanding and difficult while others are inspirational and understanding. But whether yours is fabulous to work for or not so much, today is all about bosses – it’s National Boss Day, also referred to as Bosses Day or Boss’s Day.

Patricia Bays Haroski is credited as “creating” the annual holiday. Years ago, the State Farm Insurance Company secretary wanted to show her appreciation for her boss and improve the relationship between employers and employees. In 1958, Haroski registered National Boss Day with the United States Chamber of Commerce and folks have been celebrating and recognizing their supervisors ever since. She selected Oct. 16 to commemorate her father’s birthday.

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Bosses have a tough time of it – they’ve got to make all the hard decisions, and chances are they’ve got to put up with you, too. Buy your boss something nice on Boss’ Day and let them know that you don’t mean to be such high maintenance, and that you understand that being the boss isn’t always easy.

Take them out to lunch, buy them something nice for their desk (we make it easy for you!) or just get them a nice card, letting them know how you feel. Remember, one day you’ll be a boss too, and you’ll want to be ackowledged that you’re the best boss ever!



The New Kid

THe new kid

Once upon a time, in an office much like your own, there was a new kid in town. At first, he didn’t realize there was something different that set him apart from the others, but they knew. Where they were metal and box-like, with a white glossy sheen, he was round and smoke-colored. When towels were pulled from them, they came out in a clump, and sometimes even ripped!

The new kid, well, his towels came out smooth and they never ripped, except where they were supposed to. Because of that, his friends in the office didn’t have to touch anything but the towels, so he felt great pride in guarding them against those silly human sicknesses. The boxes watched from their positions on the wall and fumed. Who did this new kid think he was? They, the boxes, ruled this office!

The old kids

The boxes conspired to trip up the new kid, who was happily hanging on the wall by the kitchen sink, doing his job. They whispered along the box-network after the office shut down for the night, but to no avail-there was nothing they could do to trip up the new dispenser; he was untrippable! Even the old boxes grew to admire how easy it was to change out his towels, and the ease in which his towels flowed. Not to mention that he needed his towels replaced a lot less than they did.

Then the day came when the boxes realized they were being replaced with more new kids. At first, there was panic, then the realization dawned that they could take it easy now, and relax. The new kid and his new friends would take care of the humans in the office, and much better than they could. They were happy to hand over the keys to the new kids, and live out the remainder of their lives in a storage room, retired.

The end.




Eat at Joe’s… break-room.

When you have a business, you have a place for your employees to gather on breaks, even if it’s the size of a half bath. Somewhere where a coffee pot sits, maybe a microwave is crowded onto a shelf, and possibly a mini-fridge where your employees can put their meals. No matter where I’ve worked, there has been some kind of set-up, whether it was grand or…not-so-grand.

We have a pretty nice break room here at ReStockIt, and tons of coffee. That’s the important thing. We also have the basics like a full-size fridge, two microwaves, two toasters, a toaster oven, and this hot water thingy that the tea lovers use. Frankly, it scares me, but I don’t drink tea. We also have comfy chairs, a TV, an air hockey table…you get the picture.


Most employers usually provide disposables, and personally I like knowing I don’t have to bring in my own plate, utensils, and coffee mug to get broken or, let’s face it, stolen. Not that we have cup thieves here, but it happens. Opening a cupboard in the break room and having a full complement of plates, bowls, utensils and napkins is a blessing!

Some employers also provide food, which I think is fabulous but not in every businesses budget. I worked for a company that had a full cafeteria and that was amazing! There, the food was provided for us, but a friend of mine works for a company where they pay for their food at a deep discount and use their time badge to pay for it (it gets taken out of their paychecks), which I find very convenient. Cereal, chips, cookies, soups…even sandwiches and salads were provided! No matter what type of break room you have for your employees, take it from me, they appreciate the space! Check out today for breakroom deals and discounts! 


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A Rewards Program for you!


I’m sure some of you already know about our Rewards program, but I thought I’d talk about it a little today. Rewards programs are excellent ways to save you money, and ours is no different! Who doesn’t like saving money?

Sign up for exclusive rewards that can earn you free shipping and dollars off future purchases.  Earn points by letting us know how we’re doing by posting reviews on products, or linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts with us. Refer a friend, sign up for email, even open an email from us, and you earn points to be redeemed for free shipping and discounts.  You can also earn badges for being social, a pro-shopper, and a reviewer extraordinaire!  Follow the link below to sign up today!



Kitchen of Dreams

We sell restaurant supplies, did you know that? Oh it’s great, you really need to check them out! We carry everything from take-out containers to small appliances, and at unbeatable prices! You can trick out your kitchen at home to be as efficient and well-supplied as a restaurant, at half the price!

If you’re like me, you love to cook and bake. Plus, my husband is a pastry chef, so there is a ton of baking that goes on at my house. I get a lot of my kitchen supplies here. Baking supplies, kitchen supplies, and for entertaining, I get glassware and flatware, along with dinnerware and such.


I’m crazy about my stainless steel mixing bowls, and my baking pans! When my husband needed to replace his pastry tips, it turned out we were less expensive than the supply house he had used in the past. AND I use bakery boxes during holidays to give out baked goods for gifts.

Our glassware and flatware are cost-efficient and the prices come in handy if you find that you’re going to be entertaining a lot. You don’t have to use your everyday stuff and risk breakage.  Plus, you can get take-out containers for a song, so you never have to worry about whether or not your Tupperware will make it back to you when you send guests home with food! Check out all of our specials today, and get free cookies if you order $100 or more!



Membership Rewards Programs (and why I love them)

Grocery stores, clothing stores, restaurants, coffee houses, large Swedish furniture stores…you name it; they’ve got a little card that entitles you to super savings for being a member, and the power lies in a little plastic card that you can hang on your keychain (or a full-sized card that adds to the many you already have in your wallet).

The programs have their detractors, but I am a fan. I think that a penny saved is a penny earned, and even if I save 5 cents, I have triumphed! Granted, most often a person saves a little more than that because most rewards programs are truly worth it and offer nice discounts and rewards.

I admit though, it’s an obsession of mine. If I walk into a store, and the cashier offers me a discount or reward program, I sign up and hurriedly add the keychain card to my ring. Ironically enough, I forget about them all until the cashier prompts me for them, despite the obvious weight on my keychain.

Now, there is even an app that allows to you register all your card numbers to your phone. What a fantastic idea. The person who came up with that must have had a keychain that weighed enough to pull out the ignition in their car! You input the card information into your phone (after you download the scanner app) and then just pull up the appropriate card at the store. The cashier scans the barcode, and voila! your savings are assured, without the weighty keychain. Now, you just use the space on your phone storage, with no chance of damaging your car’s ignition.

Now, internet shopping sites are offering rewards programs, which again, is pure genius. There’s no card to keep track of, the rewards are usually more comprehensive, and easier to keep track of. I never know where I stand on my gas reward card. I’m sure my Winn Dixie/Shell gas rewards has a website I can check the balance of the reward, but its not clear on where to go to do that, so its like a guessing game to figure out how much I’ll save on my next fill-up.

On a shopping website, you can create an account, and log in whenever you want to check whether or not you’re now eligible for free shipping or a certain dollar amount off your next purchase. You can also earn points for sharing on social networking sites, emailing a friend, posting a review…the options for earning are many and diverse. And then there’s the feeling of actually having the points come to fruition and earn you something!

The first marketing genius who came up with the rewards program should have a plaque placed at every shopping mecca in every state.  It’s appealing, handy, and it makes you feel a little smug when the cashier asks if you have a member card. I can almost hear it in people’s voices as they imperiously hand over their card or keychain (or smartphone) and say, “Why yes, yes I am a member.” You feel a little special, even though logically you know that you and every other Tom, Dick, and Harry have a card.

It solidifies our place as consumers, give us back something to justify all those dollars that we’re spending, and saves us a few pennies at the gas tank or garners us points for money off our next purchases. What can be better than being rewarded for spending money?

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ReStockIt Daily Deal: Purell Portable Hand Sanitizers in Display Bowl

PURELL® Portable .05 oz Size Hand Sanitizer in Display BowlToday’s Daily Deal discounted item is a display bowl with 60 half-ounce bottles of Purell hand sanitizer, today for only $40.95. That’s only 0.67 cents per bottle! The display bowl of hand sanitizers is appealing to everyone and is an ideal upsell item for your cashier counter.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so these half-ounce sanitizers are more than worth their price! Protect yourself from 99% of the most common germs that make you sick, on the go. Use it on the bus, in public restrooms, and any high-traffic area where germs are easily spread. Read the Purell user reviews for testimonials on the effectiveness of this product. Purell products are America’s number one choice for protection against germs and viruses like H1N1. Don’t take a chance on your health! Take advantage of this Daily Deal before it expires.


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