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Purell Office Use Could Save $52 Billion Annually

purell hand sanitizer

FedEx recently conducted a study where they began putting sanitizer stations in their office as a test to see if less employees came down sick. The results were an absenteeism decrease. The study concluded that Purell hand sanitizer decreased the spread of germs in the office as well as reduced the amount of sick days employees took by approximately 20%!

Recent studies have shown that lost productivity due to illness costs US employers more than $260 billion annually. That 20% reduction in sick days could mean a savings of $52 billion every year if offices all used Purell!

Of course the benefits of clean hands and fewer germs extend far beyond the office.

You could say that Purell and I have quite a history. When I first started working if I wasn’t just on the verge of a full-blown cold, I was recovering from one. It was an endless and vicious cycle, and one that my boss and co-workers weren’t too pleased about.

That’s when hand sanitizer came into the picture. When my boss insisted that I begin using Purell Hand Sanitizer you could say it was love at first sight for my weak immune system. What a brilliant invention: the closest thing to washing my hands…in a tiny portable bottle.

And if you think you’re doing a decent job of keeping you and your workspace clean, think again.

FACT: Your phone is dirtier than your toilet!

NBC reports that the average office phone is covered with more than 25,000 germs per square inch whereas toilet bowls on average only have 50 germs per square inch…Yikes!

Common surfaces that we come into contact with each and every day at the office are actually considered to have more germs than toilet bowls!! (Need to clean those toilets? Try these).

I can’t afford time away from work and you probably can’t either. Have no fear though; Purell is proven to kill 99.9% of the germs that it comes into contact with which cause sickness and infections. Use Purell and live a happier, germ fee life!


The Walking Dead: ReStockIt Redux

What if some of your favorite characters didn’t have to die?


When the Governor handcuffs you and leaves you in a room with a dying man, it seems like a pretty impossible situation right? Wrong. If Andrea had only been carrying a handy multi-tool, she would’ve been able to pick her way out of the cuffs right in time to use the knife tool and save herself from Zombie Milton.

t-dog dying

T-Dog didn’t stand a chance in the dark. If he and Carol had been carrying a flashlight, they might’ve spotted the zombies in the dark in time to get away!


Nobody said that being pregnant during a zombie apocalypse would be easy. But poor Lori had to suffer through giving birth with just Maggie’s dirty knife and hands to help. They needed a first aid kit, desperately…and some Purell sanitizer wouldn’t have hurt either.


Defenseless Amy didn’t give that zombie much of a fight. Even a steak knife could’ve given her an ounce of hope! You would think that the show’s writers would have granted her a fighting chance!


Daryl and Carol both wished they had walkie-talkies when she was trapped in a room, leaving Daryl to think the worst. That was very selfish of you, Carol. Next time let him know where you are, over.


All the time spent looking for little Sophia might’ve prevented her zombie demise if they had a nice pair of long-distance binoculars to spot the girl. Even ultimate-tracker Daryl could’ve used a little help!


There’s no denying that Rick fell off his rocker right after Lori’s death. But maybe he was envisioning his dead wife’s presence due to malnourishment and dehydration. Everybody in the zombie apocalypse could use some water bottles and good ole’ cereal.


Michonne is a very angry and hostile woman. Give her a break though, she’s been fending for herself during the whole zombie outbreak; She was stuck in the middle of a forest with just Andrea and some armless, jawless zombies as companions. That’s no fun! Maybe she could use some comfort, like a good roll of toilet paper to cheer her up.

merleMerle is constantly making people mad. He is always isolating himself from the rest of the group with his ignorant comments and behavior. If anyone could use a fresh roll of duct tape, it’s Merle. If he doesn’t have the self control to know when to stop talking, maybe some tape over the mouth could do the job.


The Governor isn’t having the best time since Rick and the crew became his neighbors. He lost his zombie daughter and his right eye within 30 seconds of each other, and at the hands of his enemy Michonne. Maybe if you had been wearing a pair of safety glasses this could’ve all been prevented, huh Philip?


Monday, Monday…

I love my job, I really do. It’s a great place to work, we all get along and have fun together, but when Monday rolls around, the last thing I want to do is get out of bed.  Monday’s have a bad reputation, really. It’s no different than other days though, and even Wednesday can win a Murphy’s Law award occasionally. So today, I want to cheer Monday up a little, make it fun. Monday has feelings too, and probably feels left out, like that last kid that gets picked for the scratch baseball game. That’s never a fun feeling, not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything…

Did you know…?

That on Monday’s, over 50% of employees are late for work

The average amount of time spent on complaining that its Monday is 12 whole minutes

Workers average only three and a half hours of producible work

Monday is the best day to buy a car (note to self)

The term “Blue Monday” actually comes from the fact that laundry was done on Mondays, and bluing was used (a precursor to bleach), so it became Blue Monday. And you thought it was because it depressed everyone.

And just think, you could have come to work on Monday and this is your cubicle:




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