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Oct featured partner: ACCO

ACCO Brands Corporation (NYSE: ABD) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded office products. Our products are marketed in over 100 countries across the globe.

With world-class brands such as Swingline, Kensington, Wilson Jones, Quartet, GBC, Day-Timer, NOBO and Rexel, ACCO has a long history of market leadership and innovation.

An industry-leading innovator, ACCO’s brand Swingline is the #1 brand in stapling and the leader in workspace productivity with a products such as staplers, punches, and trimmers.

From power adaptors to iPod® accessories, security devices, carrying cases, and mice, Kensington’s innovative products help make the connection between you and your computer more enjoyable and productive. Each line of products lets you choose the features that best complement your lifestyle.

Oct featured partner: Brother

Starting in 1954, Brother improved on the initial designs of daisywheel typewriters and sewing machines.A subsidiary company of Brother Industries of Japan, Brother specializes in fax machines and electronic labeling devices with current annual revenues in the billions. They also produce award-winning multifunction printers as well as an array of office supplies. Brother products are popular because they offer reliable solutions at competitive prices. Come to to compare prices on the latest Brother innovations.

Oct featured partner: Procter & Gamble

Proctor & Gamble is an original American company whos innovations have improved the quality of our lives since 1887. They began by pioneering a profit-sharing program with their employees, tying the company’s success with their own. They were also one of the first companies to conduct consumer surveys to better serve the needs of the community, as early as 1924.

In 1955, the second largest disease in America was tooth decay. It was P&G that developed Crest, the first toothpaste to include fluoride for cavity protection. They went on to produce Tide, Pamper, Dawn, Charmin, Olay, Iams, Gillette, and Pantene. There isn’t a home in America that doesn’t have a Procter & Gamble product in it. It’s been Procter & Gamble’s vision to touch lives in small but meaningful ways every day. Today they improve the lives of billions of people in over 180 countries.

Oct featured partner: Kimberly Clark is proud to feature our partner, Kimberly Clark, today. Kimberly Clark is not a company name that is well known publicly, however it’s subsidiary companies are some of the most recognized brands in the market today. Kimberly Clarks well-known brands include Kleenex, Scott, Huggies, Poise and Depend. In fact, you probably use Kimberly Clark products every day without knowing it.

Kimberly Clark has been an American pioneer of healthcare products for over 140 years. They invented Kleenex, the world’s first facial tissue. They also revolutionized the baby and adult incontinence care industry in the USA with the Depend brand. Most of their brands have turned out to be household names. They also cater to medical professionals for a wide array of sterile healthcare equipment. Visit today to get the best deals on Kimberly Clark products.

Oct featured partner: Smead

Smead is a world-leading provider of filing and labeling solutions with a rich American history. In 1906, when paper filing systems were vital to the operation of many private and government entities, file folders were secured with rubber bands or string, which deteriorated and made filing work slow. Charles Smead designed the first Bandless File, a faster filing solution without the need for rubber bands or strings. Smead’s biggest break came during World War II, where large government contracts for file folders allowed them expand into new plants.

Now Smead sells it’s organizational supplies internationally to large chain store retailers and government organizations. If you work in an office, chances are you’ve relied on Smead products to stay organized, or used filing solutions that were inspired by Smead’s innovation.

Oct partner Rubbermaid looking to make things greener

Spray mops are great on tile and hardwood floors but can be expensive to maintain. Each company has a proprietary cleaning solution in a bottle that has to be replaced when empty. In many cases, the mops require batteries and disposable mop heads that have to be replaced as well. Rubbermaid is focused on making products that are easier on the environment and your wallet and they’ve proven it with their new spray mop, the Rubbermaid Reveal. The Reveal features a refillable bottle that can be filled with hot water and your choice of cleaning solution. Instead of being operated by expensive batteries, you squeeze a handle to spray the cleaning solution. To top it off the microfiber mop pad is reusable. In other words, this mop does a great job at cleaning your floors and costs nothing to maintain. For great prices on this and other Rubbermaid products, visit


ReStockIt partner HON issues lifetime warranties

HON, a major designer of contemporary office furniture, has announced that it will issue a new lifetime warranty on it’s furniture products. This step reflects the confidence HON has in the durability and craftsmanship of their products. Under the new warranty, in the event that a HON product becomes damaged or defective, a HON customer can either receive a new item of comparable value or receive a full refund on their original purchase.

HON manufactures an extensive line of modular office systems that can be combined in virtually limitless combinations that serve the needs of any business, and offer a wide array of colors, materials and finishes to create a signature look for a fast-paced office environment. Come take a look at’s line of HON furniture at competitive prices and in many cases, free and fast shipping!

Oct partner Diversey merges with Sealed Air Inc

Johnson Diversey, a global leader in cleaning solutions and well known brands such as Ziploc and Windex, have recently merged with Sealed Air Inc. Sealed Air is not a publicly known brand name, however they are most famous for the manufacturer of Bubble Wrap and Jiffy protective mailers and acheived approximately $4.5 billion dollars in revenue in 2010. The merger will give Sealed Air the most diverse array of cleaning solutions to serve the industrial and private sector. And because both companies patents are now combined, expect to see some exciting new technology coming from Sealed Air in the near future.

Oct partner Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate-Palmolive has been a leading manufacturer of toothpaste since 1873, back when toothpaste came in jars instead of tubes. Although based in New York, roughly 80% of sales come from outside the USA. Colgate’s international presence earned it’s rank in the top 100 companies to work for in 2010; anywhere you’d like to live, Colgate can take you there.

Their newest product is an exciting step forward in teeth whitening, Colgate Optic White toothpaste. This is the first whitening toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide that does not require a dual-chamber dispensing tube. Hydrogen peroxide is the same active ingredient in whitening strips, more effective than silica found in other whitening toothpastes. It’s unbeatable cleaning and whitening performance have earned it unusually high reviews and testimonials.


Restockit partner Acme United wins innovation award

The Industrial Designers Society of America is the world’s oldest and largest organization for innovative product design. Every year they host the IDEA award ceremony for the best new products. The International Design Excellence Award this year was given to ReStockIt partner Acme United for their new AirShoc line of gardening tools.

The AirShoc tools have three main advantages; they are beautifully designed with ergonomics in mind to allow you to garden for longer periods without discomfort. They have titanium coated blades that won’t stick to tree sap. Best of all, some of the new products have interchangeable blades, allowing one snipping tool to become several.


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